We have put several processes and mechanisms into place, through which we can protect your information and conform to HIPAA regulations.

End to End Encryption

All information stored within the Preop.AI system is encrypted using independent customer specific encryption keys. Over the wire communications are protected using 256 Bit TLS encryption.


Our service, infrastructure and processes are audited and certified annually for compliance with SOC 2 Type II as per the AICPA’s Security Trust Principles


The Preop.AI system and service complies with HIPAA requirements, our infrastructure and company has been vetted by multiple IT departments of our hospital customers

Audit Logs

The Preop.AI application, in accordance with HIPAA regulations, records all user activity starting from the point a user logs in until that user's session expires or is terminated.

These logs can be reviewed by a hospital's privacy officer to ensure compliance with the institution’s privacy policies.