Research Research Initiative: Exploring the Microbiome and Immune System in Aging

At, we are committed to conducting medical research that offers substantial benefits to humanity and aligns with our mission to positively impact global health. Our research, led by dedicated members of our team, delves into the complex interactions between the microbiome and the immune system in the aging population, with a particular emphasis on preventing and treating joint diseases. We aim to identify key factors within the microbiome that influence joint health and to gain a more informed understanding of the immunological shifts that occur with aging.

This initiative is conducted independently of our commercial activities at and seeks to uncover new insights into the prevention and treatment of joint diseases, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the quality of life for the elderly.

Our approach is distinctly multidisciplinary, combining artificial intelligence, microbiology, immunology, molecular biology, and microscopy techniques. This research not only advances our understanding of age-related diseases but also exemplifies the core values of We are committed to pushing the boundaries of science beyond commercial interests, focusing on projects that offer significant humanitarian benefits. Through these efforts, we aim to contribute to medical advancements that empower individuals to age with dignity and vitality.